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open the noise of trans [02 Apr 2019|01:10pm]

in their coverage of amazon’s new trans alexa are seemingly disappointed in the new queer spokespersons lack of answers to questions about drag race or timothy chalamet, luckily they did not forget to emphasize the actors fondness for oral sex or his versatility in gay sex positioning. clarifies how trans alexa will speak about his transition and (most importantly?) suicide attempt and eventually direct the listener to sign a petition that calls for some kind of contemplation of the human rights act, or something. at the time of posting pinknews noted the sparse 47 signatures, but now, three days later, the number has skyrocketed to almost 350. when i scroll down the recommended article is a cockyboys actor talking about sucking off his dad at the age of eight.

on there is a call for ‘trans mediocrity’ on tv pointing to the way trans characters never appear on screen if they aren’t in some way required to be trans. this kind of rhetoric of representation that ought to strip identity from character clashes a tiny bit with a contemporary queerness of constant affirmative identification. on the front page i’m told about how queer-affirmative therapist will change my life and how broad city has woven queerness into its fabric.

‘the community’ has viciously been pushing for institutional and corporate representation and reform for years now, which is why the disappointment in the corporations that cleverly applies those methods for marketing purposes baffles at this point. none is to blame for campaigns like amazon’s but the gays who seems to have thought you could intertwine sexual politics with capital driven institutions without ending up with death by opportunism. the victim of this murder is the name of queer liberation. not because what died was the struggle that will free us, that struggle is inherently unnameable and is hopefully brewing under the corpses of deliveroo pride floats and pronoun rounds, but due to the majority of ‘queers’ (and to be fair, this label becomes decreasingly legitimate for each pride month that passes) being won over by a neo-liberalism that flattens them into nothingness. but no, of course there should be more trans women in hollywood – the most safe and pleasant working place on earth as we've learned from the likes of metoo.

lucky for amazon copywriters transgender day of visibility is aligned close enough in proximity to april 1st for attempts at discourse to slightly pass as jokes themselves – no, obviously they would persevere at any time of the year, as they will persevere through perpetuating the most vile dehumanizing and mistreatment of workers too.

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