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notes on sisterhood [13 May 2019|05:36pm]
james charles apologists, do rejoice. christmas time for the platform sociality thirsty is upon. it has arrived to illuminate the limits of gayness, conservatively and rightfully so. do not dwell on the ‘receipts’–what are the ethics of letting your friend behave allegedly abusive and erratic and not actively distancing yourself from them until they intervene in your business, tati?–try not to get stuck there. if gay marriage is an institution that optically works against homophobia but at its kernel is a mere tool for economic and social normativising, the james-gate is a trojan horse in the reverse way. at first glance a personal dispute of business and friendship, necessitated publicly for clarity, but carrying in its belly a homophobia. a phobia in its definitive sense, a fear of gayness, a fear of the disruptions and redefinitions that comes with being gay. a phobia that’s crucial for the continuing survival of both society and whatever, if anything, is left of the queer ‘community’.

a segregation of ‘issues’ has taken place within james-gate. quickly, the woke and the alt-woke has sprung to analysis, exposing the corporate mechanisms of tati’s vitamin supplement business as the only instigator of her sudden outspokenness. she’s critiqued of looking past james’ crudeness and alleged sexual manipulations for years, not bringing issues to light before her brand is personally hurt. i would rather argue that not ‘exposing’ private sexual matters of a man who turned eighteen only a couple years ago is a well advised move inhibiting homophobic optics. when revealing this information at this point, when the story involves more complex details, it is easy to direct the onlookers gaze to what is currently in vogue caring about; influencers are bad, corporations are bad, derp. i say we should refocus on what matters here, what’s been concealed by people terrified to dub all gays predators; the heteromasculine fear of being turned into an (gay) object of desire.

not in the slightest bit is the concern raised, when it is made known that james charles has ‘preyed’ on straight men on instagram, talked about how nobody’s a hundred percent straight, rambled on about cock sucking and sexy waiters at dinner parties, because an alarming, systematic situation is taking place. the panic has been induced not by the very real (and frankly embarrassing) misuse of power perpetuated by james, but by the sexual nature of the sexual encounters. the word cock in the wrong setting is the key trigger here. we have a boy who were barely born in the previous millenia who’s consumed an amount of vulgar drag race seasons and gen z memes, who just has too much money and face recognition (perhaps also too much self doubt and shame) to ever be placed in the contexts he seems to have been made for. decadent sex dungeons and sheltered alleyways have been claimed gay spaces because they are equally hidden and exposed. they tease the outside world, lets a sliver of red light out on the street each time a nervous twink first timer slips in and sweaty ‘working late’ daddy sneaks out, but not more. there’s no time for such activities in the schedule of an instagram star. james is actually quite brave, probably mostly dumb, to let his gay indecencies seep out, but conclusively it does not help queers the slightest.

as much as normal people depends on a small group of freaks to cement what normality is and isn’t, being queer is an existence depending on a transgressivity that is about to be fully inhibited by ‘pinkwashing’ and similar practices. this is why lgbt advocating is a self destructive method, in order to make gay existence ‘safe’ it seeks to diminish gayness entirely. in a world where everyone’s trans there’s no longer high suicide rates among trans women. being queer is struggle, illness, death as much as freedom, emancipation, comfort. being queer in the era of drag race seems to become a play of simplifying signifiers and a cementing of cheap queer theory and centrist heterosexual values as a community goal image. if queerness is disavowing one’s future it is also disavowing one as influencer. the mainstreaming of the dungeon is what leads to its gentrifying closure. the 16 million subscriber faggot can not help the community in any way but one–bring back my… oppressors.

the kind of homophobia tati displays, the one that rejects vulgar jokes and with fear thinks of shit on the dick, have before unified gays. it is the schism wide enough to keep both the normal and the abnormal healthy and thriving in whatever way each community decides to attribute those words. this is the important takeaway. not the abuse of power comes as no surprise platitude, over and over that concern proves to be a purely performative one. not the cries of ‘is profit more important than abuse!?’, remarks that has completely missed to think twice about whether they’re afraid of all sexual encounter– or just gay one’s.

it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern the queers among the masses, the fluoride gazes.

mulholland drive (2002)

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