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three poems, 2019 [09 Jan 2020|04:47pm]
women / girls

alix henriol marina joyce kirsten ostrenga hanna widerstedt jemma pixie hixon holli quinn catie wayne valeria lukyanova venus palermo jessica leonhardt chrissie barmore moriah pereira alana g natasha stewart malu trevejo sam abbey allison harvard becca schultz taylor crenshaw isabella monroe nguyen naomi elizabeth taylor crenshaw bea yagi kayla newman tish simmonds kristyna martelli paris herms emmy hartman tay cosgrove bunnycaress nasim aghdam marina ann hantzis stephanie lawson stevens prettygal naee michelle carter emma durutti lieutenant corbis belle delphine diario da neiri trisha paytas natassia gail zolot jordan capozzi aqsa m malik jeanette hayes đoàn thị hương yuka takaoka sanjhra banks amelia liana malaika kubwa blaire white catherine slater rashida renee nasim najafi aghdam anna vadimovna sorokina hannah hays danielle bregoli eugenia cooney mikhaila peterson rachel lee sara jane isbister nattalie blake whitney wisconsin

project x

“living like movie stars
partying like rock stars
fucking like porn stars”
–ja rule

i just wanted to get some pussy

you should have seen it

you got college girls on your dick

stealing shit breaking shit

get off me you little faggot dog

go have a long cry

i think i may have found some water in your semen

hey we want some pussy

its all on tape

she fucks college dudes

unlimited high school pussy and shit


high school pussy for days

you are invited

witness it

lad bible

follow religiously
before school poppers

escape room
being in car

freeze in middle of dancefloor
giant group

city and river dancing
dont stop til you only live

i feel crazy
it feels wild

banned bay
theft museum

poignant starbuck
i love this dj

half out of body experience
the world spins

childrens clothing, i hope he sees
the energy never dies

seeing green smoothie
just close laptop

nine gag
for him

crusty cup
blog banned


opening turmeric shot
real housewives as opposed to?

> you make me feel like your a gangster
and im tha crime

> tight in the morning

> mornings kill each other

> text turn green
soo sexy oh sensual

> oh hi hi

> he dreams of his first

> omg he

> omg i will dedicate this to

lexi featherston

more time passes the less it passes
normal people

facetime rikers
golden hour island

dog whistle fursona
fish is a baby

secret spun oyster
gossip girl,
as opposed to?

self loathing, proud
isla vista
type of passioned heart

love will cease
boys, on the way
to purify the world

beta eyes
full of life
thats been withheld
from the pit of my burning nauseous belly

insincerity absence
come prophet

identity weapon,
as opposed to?

need you like a baby when i hold you like a druggie like i told ya

i can has
multiple sin, laid bare back there

stolen eating weapon
humor weapon

gay boys on
woman understanding mission

just a few names
to rule the world

you, tube casualty
collateral beauty
as equivalent to.

fucking stakeless art
its trivialising all of this

just want to sit sun covered in the car, frozen untraumatised position
charging to write the definite poem on women, a book of which
you instinctively know the title

the prophet in the car, reaping across a life threshold
figure out how tha fuck to sow bountifully

hello heaven
you are a tunnel lined with yellow lights on a dark night

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