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poetic justice for late oughties internet addicts [22 Jan 2020|05:24pm]
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a chain of successful ideological proposals, in which the cyber bullying scare must have been the first major and longest running component, has removed any and all potential of online spaces as tools toward a less hostile human existence. as human beings inexorable from the (feminine) drives of nature, yet social (masculine) beings terrified of the fleshy consequences that burden entails for us, ever since the bare minimum of what we conceive of as society was established, we have been shackled to sublimating those very drives. this sublimation is the meaning of living, when living in society. throughout the history of society the subconscious has found its release through various spiritual, religious and mystic ritual practices, as well as more literal practices of violence, rape and terror. both ways have been despised and celebrated in their own right, and during different time periods, corresponding to cultural consensus. assault is what the human drive is construed as currently, a process in which sex is a means towards reproduction towards survival where the idea of consent is impossible to postulate. a consenting being will be used as raw material for fuelling a less considerate predator, consent means death. any sexual act today–that includes those involving body contact, as well as more grand scale rape like when one nation annexes another motherland–thus is assault unless institutionalised. a marriage, a doctors visit, a national crisis, a terror threat, a warehouse rave, justifies opening the lid to our chthonian inner, just a little bit, because it is necessary to do so from time to time. what early public internet offered was a new domain for testing the thresholds of thought and action, with no material consequences. a symbolic social territory in which a fully fledged sex act, a rape even, can be performed between immaterial bodies, to be tossed away momentarily and permanently. a visual space totally unlike physical existence, yet a simulacrum of the social games of society. this type of space had full potential of taking the entire hit of the human sub-psyche. the idea that one would be harmed from facing the abject on a computer screen could be true, just as well as it could have performed that specific harm it was alarming, conjuring a social pattern in which people eventually suffer from ephemeral symbolism because they have been told they should. on the contrary, would the abjectivity of the online have been embraced, encouraged, not shunned, it might have been the most successful domain for sublimating the drive ever encountered. instead the stakes of the drive in its physical manifestation, the stakes that from society day one instilled fear in us–that is, pregnancy, pain, humiliation, disease transmission, enslavement–have been transferred or copied from their physical agents into the virtual domain. on the grounds of responsibility and transparency, the extrajudicial state of online conversation has been largely thinned out by a social consensus in cooperation with corporate actors, the latter with financial gains in mind. this is how the most thoroughly global surveillance state in the history of humankind has been established, with concern for people’s risk at being exposed to their own inner lives, from a machine that can be turned off with the press of a button. you are now materially responsible for your immaterial actions, every and any post you make theoretically puts your employment on the line. the online used to be extrasocial, the geek as identity was fully outlined as a social trope when geeks were given the most immersive artificial environment dedicated to over the top fanaticism to date. the pendulum has now reached the absolute opposite. the internet is the social, and all social aspects of physical existence are corroded close to nothingness. this coincides with a thorough cleansing of even fringe platforms, removing those abject aspects of conversation not already conditioned away by late neoliberal vigilante ideology. an internet based platform largely fails to be a placeholder for real life. real life wasn’t sublimated and didn’t need to go anywhere. the sublimation of the “deep, dark” humanity, though, has been pushed out of the web to make space for this failing transferral of society. pushed out into an easy rifle access society, or a disintegrated judicial society, or an alienating out of work society. those are the domains where repressed desires and rejected libidinality must roam today, because transient words on transient screens once were deemed infectious lethal weapons. mass shootings, one of the more lethal memetic phenomenons of recent time, could potentially have remained image macros on the forum boards, we could have let them.

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