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damn bitch, you live like this? [02 Feb 2020|11:33am]
in defense of the poor bedroom

Untitled (My bed), 2018. Meme.

the poor bedroom is a battleground of moral superficiality. it leaves your clothes reeking when you exit, sticks to your feet. melting the material and metaphysical artefacts of adolescence-adulthood transition together, eradicates distinguishability. it upsets comforts, distills, organises, entices, and depraves through its construing of lethargic middle class disidentification. it’s inherited through the quasi-poor bedrooms of the grown, functioning, hard working, depressed, balanced, disenfranchised, safe, unemployed, and rich who can no longer claim the poor bedroom.

Iku Nagae in a messy room, 2018. Posted to Funnyjunk by @greeeed.

the poor bedroom is rebelling against, not only its parents, but its maid. it’s re-gentrifying, nature-reinforcing, eco system-embracing, liquifying the fixed notions of precious and disposable, letting laziness cascade in utter refusal of home styling conformity. between days of dried plates, forgotten-about tea cups, face down books, entangled tights, chords, cash, personal letters, official documents, ripped packaging, torn pages, an undeniably assertive space is constructed. equally a signifier of neglect and detailed planning, the poor bedroom jumps out, startles its tourists and demands a negotiation of standards, values, levels of taste.

Instagram Posts, 2019. Dasha Nekrassova (@dash_cam).

the poor bedroom does not moralise over hygiene, discomfort, or 21st century allergenicity. it feeds off overtime, covered shifts, all nighters, and apathy hours. the poor bedroom devours every last bit of stressed essay writing, depression holes, single parents, and maraton ravers it can get its hands on. it is aware of its borders, there’s no poor bedroom in the home of a hoarder, but emphasises the potential limitlessness that it carries where its edges crumble. it whispers of the poor society, a thing that might have been but more importantly as an insurrection flickering on the horizon. by enhancing a chaos that is otherwise contextualised as a belonging of the past the poor bedroom, just like the dirty alley and the contents of a torn garbage bag spread all over the bus stop, scratches the varnish that envelops sociopolitical mechanisms, urging us to redefine our ethical relation to the neat and tidy. it tells us; i’ve been here all along, you did not use to despise me, and yet, we have ended up in this situation.

Otaku toom pinned by @Rinji_Mifuzu on pinterest.

the poor bedroom is not an invention but an invitation. entering is considered, rather than an action taken for granted. furthermore the poor bedroom insists on that consideration being kept in motion by innovating technology through sloppiness, reformatting conventions of the home experience, and stripping the room of one's own bare from voyeuristic ideals leaving always-altering ruins of the everyday that passed just moments ago. and what bounty within those ruins, the poor bedroom offers us its treasures only through scavenging; fragments of a living in every kind of condition.

Shitty battlestation found on /r/shittybattlestations.

when the poor bedroom gets cleaned up it, in fact, does not die. it has no enemies. under current circumstances it cannot be destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. it respawns at any given checkpoint, it is always given another chance until it defeats the boss. it lurks in the walls, the air even, awaiting its next opportunity of expansion, like a parasite hangs on a strand of grass in anticipation of a passing by mammal to bite in to. the poor bedroom hits you and it feels like a kiss.

Tweet, 2017. @elotepreparado.

the poor bedroom is the success of the adolescent class. the poor bedroom is chaos, thus feminine, and its pubertal afflictions on the nuclear home is intimately tied to the young-girl. the poor bedroom is not featured on hoarders nor obsessive compulsive cleaners, since it manifests through passive strategizing rather than pathology. it needs not be saved, but recognized and dealt with as its discrete foundational ideological stances. the poor bedroom spreads, swallows bathrooms, closets, kitchens, it is the metamorphosis of the living space induced by a disavowal of norm-architectural structuring of ‘the room of one's own’. there is no negligence present in a poor bedroom, but precise and intricate re-distribution of order executed with warm care. the poor bedroom is shocking, merely in its upsetting radiance of love. the poor bedroom is skinny, fuck satisfactual lives. no soap is cut, no sand is squeezed, in the poor bedroom, without engendering an overcompensatory mess. the poor bedroom feeds on caffeine. it fears not konmari, for its inherited self-awareness of resilience.

Left: Domain (Still), 2006. Guthrie Lonergan. Right: Dorm Daze, 2011. Ed Fornieles in The Hangover Part II at Carlos Ishikawa, London.

the poor bedroom maneuvers skilfully through networks of aesthetic-conventional imperatives to successfully breach and dissolve coherent borders of dignity within the context of the home. the home at its fundamentals is questioned through the poor bedrooms mimicry of unsupervised alleys. the streets and the subway stations are the poor bedrooms allys. the poor bedroom is an ecosystem on which surveillance inflicts harm. the scar tissue of the poor bedrooms skin grows thick and resistant.

Instagram story, 2019. Anna Khachyian (@annakhachyian).

the poor bedroom does not only ‘bring joy’, it is the principle of joy, the condition for anything to bring joy, within contemporary childhood. during the incongruous infantilizing process of growing up in a world composed by roles that keep precarity and speculation as their ideological fundaments the poor bedrooms ability of recourse and sanctuary is perpetuated out of desperation, as a last nostalgic resort that persuades its own continuous re-establishment. the poor bedroom is allowed to hide, it conceals and contours in order to keep its process of rooting and rotting going during moments of mania and post-cum clarity.

SKEE, 2019. Bora Akinciturk and Iain Ball at Narrative Projects, London.

no space is as ideologically unbound as the poor bedroom, which in its anarchy disrupts neo-liberal facades and while maneuvering its compliant consumption – articulating a capitalist plea – boasting both puppy eyes and a contemptuous laugh in the face of whatever hegemony it comes across. don’t try anything in its presence, staring into these puppy eyes you will soon find its the predecessor to orwell’s big brother, but a reversed entity – blind as a bat, only peering inwards, structuring its chaos, engaging a mosh pit of commodities as a pastime. establish a new decadence, drink it in, let it enrich you.

Tweet, 2016. @og_pochahontas.


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