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four poems [24 Mar 2020|05:18pm]
when people begin embracing solidarity…

practice distancing practice distancing practice distancing we are all in this together the problem is division the problem is not listening to the authority that’s been ever capable of preparing preemptive measures we must alert we must listen we must comply and i mean me and especially you in times like these and in these times one needs to step up and support each other oh i can’t go out in the streets i can’t take action i can’t do the work on location but don’t worry the importance is in spreading practice spreading practice social spreading if there is one thing to learn from this it’s the importance of making shit go viral let’s fuck with the algorithm i’m sure i’m not the first person telling you this but i need to share some very normal language with you the chorus to jolene is exactly 20 seconds long

...because alienation suddenly encapsulates solidarity…

listen to them they’re not doing enough you must listen to them they’re not doing enough listen to them what are they doing support locally but don’t visit i want to make sure that there are local businesses to walk by without ever entering when this goes back to normal when all of this is over this situation i just hope there is some ethnicity left in this neighbourhood which the perpetuation of i hopefully can continue to be shielded from we and our neighbours found this app where we can order some uber drivers to install balconies on which we will be continuing our traditional weekly communal singing hour we cherish it so much we will be gathering as usual just a little further apart we are concerned with suddenly being cut off from our rich social life we are singing charli xcx on our balcony together everyone has their individual sanitised bottle of poppers this time

...they get to relish their superficially virtuous contribution…

stay home stay home stay home you don’t give a fuck about old people you want them to die do you not want them to get through this alive so they can lie in their dried piss and shit for a decade do you seriously not think old people should be allowed to chose chronic depression and deficient meals chewed by deficient teeth this is your doing there is responsibility to be taken for everyone and i am taking mine so fucking seriously i would die for your right to choose to die the most slow and painful death imaginable and for your right to never open your mouth don’t put this on c***a it’s nobody’s fault they were born c*****e they can’t help it but i can help them maybe you’re the type of person meant to go down in a situation like this if you think like that can’t these silly orange people just bite the dust while we’re on it look they shook hands let’s pray they practically kissed which i would never do obviously i’m not a maniac i have some decency and respect oh you’re like a child don’t you realise the gravity of this moment it’s unprecedented i’m so unique i mean it’s so unique

...while rationalising their compliance in the neoliberal destruction of human bonds

i want to stay home i want to stay home i want to stay home i just ordered this david lynch poster on etsy for my asbestos wall do you really think a coworking space is flexible enough for you i’m so thankful that i can still perform my job from here tfw everyone realises that meeting really could have been just an email damn i wish sorry that was just me screenshotting i just have to put this on my story so people are aware we suddenly do family video conferences what no we’ve been doing that before it just felt crucial in a moment this critical to show everyone else it’s beautiful here cause i get to decide i know what my eyes will be exposed to when i wake up i know there will not be no weeds or weather or decay unless i say so which i could because i can my life serves a purpose finally some time off from my fulfilling occupation that was instantly dismissible good thing in times like these i have devoted my life to alarmist information distribution lmao stupid hoarders don't react like that react like this stupid people in times like these soon it will be normal soon i will be normal soon this will go back to

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