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ss [12 Jul 2021|11:03am]
yeah londons a scratch on the lens
towers and tunnels remind me of him
barcelona open again
we needed the beaches to host all the preachers
shood from the corners because her or him

hair in the grass
ant passway alas
the clouds and my lenses
revealed the suns edges
as expected its a perfect

a life a drop in the thames
the storefronts of new freedom sing out and in
touching the beak of a bird
the gardens shoot melodies into thick air (next to frisbees)
and they all remind me of her

i dont long anymore
i know it will pass
and always come more
infinitely so
and if it stops
i won't know


darling do you wanna dance with me
ive seen the world and had my cake
dearest shouldnt we go somewhere else
ive seen it all and then


the water is warmer then the wind
the security guards are buying ice cream
reggae and dub, play it for me
mr mc gets high towers over me

dark skin
white teeth
everybodys kissed by sun ray hereabout
everybody gathered for the ship heading out
bright night
you light
up to the horns and snares and the fights
horizon approaches
dj spin one for drain rats and roaches the boys carry like torches
over any damp park dawn
over girlfriends and wives

dawn is almost nothing now
street sweepers and preachers go about
detroit and jersey, turn it up higher
mr dj spin my head round the fire

everyone outside getting high and down
suits me
people coolin out til the break of dawn
skies are blank
kids on their scooters shooting through the parks
trees cover
us in sap
morning sugar crystals on your phone tastes love
rolled up
swinging in your branches while now turns to later
hanging with some artsy friends


wearing my dirtied converse
theyve almost worked their season
going berserk over previous thots and illusions for no reason
his poetry bad
intonation worse
this nationwide uprising wouldnt hurt a town square bird
recalling the elm
tree seeds that freely with
the wind would invade the apartment while i sinned
and balanced on the tram tracks
the trams go forth and back
we’d put a lego man there
and watch him get steamrolled flat
sometimes when the sun’s out
in a certain way i go back
to the rocks or the roofs
we always climbed to get our nerve back
life is better when you know your effort makes it better
i wonder about every girl, what if i hadnt met her
my curls have grew back
they’ve almost worked their season
the best things bout being ive done for no reason

i’ve seen the world
ive seen it all
ive got my pearls and my balls

his poetry got slammed
enunciation cursed
this nationwide uprising wouldnt hurt a limping bird
recalling the flowers
all the petals freely in
the wind that’s invading the block i live in


now im just another girl in a sweather
stringing along hoping for the better
medieval times concieved man beast elisions as strictly demonic
my love goes through my heart but its rendered histrionic
i knew at the center an unbroken two sexed eros
pretty much history was unbreakawayable from


got a little bit loneliness left in me and a little bit of horniness to spare for theee
the air turns warm the waves roll in horizon from
and i see ur body like an axis form a dance for us
u take my arm a cold fever the other one and i can sense convergence form a chance for ... can you sense coercion really turns me on..?

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